Shield Wall signs distribution deal with Hewes Pictures for AESIR GODS.

Ragnarok, the end of days. Heimdall – guardian of the Gods, and Loke – commander of the army of the dishonourably deceased, Viking Gods and sworn enemies, fall through a ripple in space time and find themselves in the present day world. Only a young girl, Iris, unable to shake her tragic past and diagnosed with a unique vision disorder, can find the portal and bring the Gods back in time for the final battle. But who will get to her first? 

AESIR GODS is a spectacular, genre-blending dreamscape that manages to balance a harrowing, dark tone with honest emotion and narrative subtexts. Not all is spelled out for viewers, but those willing to put forth the necessary thought will be treated to a profoundly personal cinematic delight.

Hewes Pictures. Founded by venture capitalist / philanthropist, Henry Hewes, Hewes Pictures LLC is an international sales agency that also distributes high quality films to TV, theaters and streaming platforms. The company is entering its 3rd year of operations and is continuing to grow with a consistent presence at the largest, global film markets.

Due to Hewes’ rapid growth, the company represents feature films for worldwide sales and distribution.

Shield Wall Entertainment is Swedens premiere feature film production company focused on producing independent film for the international market. Established in 1994 by filmmaker Martin Munthe.

AESIR GODS is produced by Johans Schyberg and Martin Munthe and directed by Munthe. The production is a partnership between Stable Dynamics (Australia) and Shield Wall Entertainment (Sweden).